Shade of Serenity

面积:120 平方米
团队:张志坤 梁鑫 徐桦 刘悦

Project: Shade of Serenity
Location: Nanjing Green Expo Garden
Type: Landscape Architecture
Area: 120 Sqm
Status: Under Construction
Award: Won the Second Prize for Nanjing Green Expo Competition
Team: Zhang Zhikun / Liang Xin / Xu Hua / Liu Yue


The architectural mass is half subterranean and half submerged into water, only left the two pitched roofs above the horizon. In a subtle and invisible manner, the kiosk shows its presence as two autumn leaves floating on the creek.


During the summertime when the tide rises, half of the space sinks into the water. While the tide goes down, the sunken space emerges and builds up the space out of new life. As time goes by, the architecture form shifts along with seasonal change.


While entering the kiosk, as the pitched roof is lower down, the long narrow aisle is infused with filtered light rays, which resonates with the eastern aura of “shade of serenity”.


Outside of the slim open window are the cascaded landscape. Along with the insect chittering, a dream in the kiosk washes away the hassle. The concrete bridge that goes towards the isle also submerges into the creek as the season shifts.


Can or cannot be accessible to the isle, is going to be a question that is ultimately determined by the nature.


While traveling to the isle, the mirror-finish platform alluded the visitors to the presence of water.