Nanjing Xiaoguai Reservoir Hotel

建筑面积:3921 平方米
团队:张志坤 梁鑫 刘悦 徐桦

Project: Nanjing Xiaoguai Reservoir Hotspring
Location: Nanjing,Jiangsu,China
Type: Architecture,Interior,Landscape
Architecture area: 3921 Sqm
Status: Under Construction
Team: Zhang Zhikun / Liang Xin / Liu Yue / Xu Hua

设计的主要概念是把这种意境和无人村的特性完整地保留下来,在保证自然环境不受破坏的前提下,用现代的手法营造出幽静 , 高雅 , 同时与自然相结合的温泉度假酒店。

Before entering the site, we first saw the lake and the forest in front of us. The house was either hidden or visible. Then we had to go through a long path to reach the project site, just like the land of Peach blossoms. The main concept of the design is to completely preserve the artistic conception and characteristics of the village without any damage to the natural environment, and to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere with modern methods, while combining with the nature.